She understands the power sounds can have and performs music that appeals to fans across the musical spectrum.

My name and stage or artist name is Ashni! 


I startend as a dancer/performer and i loved it so so so much! Always sang every were but never thought i could really make singing and dancing, -dream that i had for manny years- come true! 

With Lots of willpower and love for music & dancing i could take some babysteps and so on … 


Met a lot of amazing people who helped me along the way (and they are still by my side).  With Mr.Z.,

a new collabo happend what is very amazing. 

We both have that fire and passion for music and both are professionals. 

We created a song together what really is a clubbanger!! You hear Crazy Things everywhere, it incredible!!! ;-))) 


In my opinion it is hard work and never to give up on your dreams! You may have to give up Everything else, ...but the dream! Remember that cause they do come true! 

With love,


Adrenalin 2016 (Release: Netherlands: DJ guide Rob Boskamp)

Heat Remix 2018 (Release: Miami, Netherlands worldwide, BonniesRecords)

Wanna be Close 2018 (Release: MentalMadness Germany, Germany, Europe)

WOWY 2018 (Release; Bigproductions, LabRecords Netherlands & South Africa, Netherlands)

created by Jazz      2017 / OCt